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Dear Would Be Affiliates,

Everybody is earning real online money through affiliate marketing. Would you like to be the one, and a bit different as well, when you bring back the lost smile on the faces of people grappling with Sinusitis.

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How Much Amount Will I Earn?


Our product is priced at $45.99 and we offer you 75% (amounting to $35) commission on the sale done through your link. You have access to unlimited online earning potential through Affiliate Program as you promote our product out there!

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How To Start

We use ClickBank to promote our program. The first step is to get a FREE account with ClickBank. It will take only 2 minutes or less. Once you have your unique ClickBank nickname, you are ready to start!


Your Affiliate Link

Already a ClickBank account holder? Begin straight away! Simply replace "XXXX" from the following link:

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* XXXX = You can make your ClickBank User IDs to work as affiliate URLs. For example, if your ClickBank id is "john81" then you can simply replace it with affiliate URL as

** 99999999= Swap your Personalized Tracking Code with the figure and you’ll get to know when and where your online sales happened. How it actually works! Supposing, you have been promoting our product through and PPC Campaigns and you’d like to know the place of generation of these sales! Was it through or PPC Campaigns? All what is required from your end is incorporation of your Personalized Tracking Code in the last part of your affiliate link in the manner as EZINEART or GOOGLEAD (or whatever 8 digit alphanumeric tracking code you may give). For example, if your ClickBank User ID is "john81" and your tracking code is "EZINEART" then your affiliate URL will be

Just promote your affiliate link and every time someone clicks on it and a sale is made you get $27 immediately! And earning in this way will not be less than a fun!

And beyond that, you don’t even need to get our product sell immediately to get your commissions. With innovative ClickBank Tracking technology, any prospective online visitor visiting your website/web page is tracked and you’ll get the commission, irrespective of the fact whether sales is made now; after a week or in couple of months.

Stop Hijacking Your Affiliate URL

Do you often feel troubled and Jinxed from any possible threat of affiliate link hijacking! No problems on that, because we’ve come up with smart solution, absolutely FREE of COST.

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ust email us your ClickBank nickname at: toni at and immediately we will get into action by making FREE landing page and this will cover your affiliate link as well. For better understanding, see this landing page, or see the below source code.

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We can do it both ways, and the discretion lies with you! Get your personalized link hosted on our website or we can email you the HTML page, which you can incorporate aptly in your website. And the best part is… your personalized link will not be seen by any online visitor as an external link and this obviously renders a more engaging feel to them.

We bring this service absolutely Free of Cost. Just email us and get your own landing page in our website!

Your Personalized Tracking Code

Should you register good monthly sales figure, (say for example 9) , through your affiliate link, we’ll be happy to upload your personalized tracking code such as AddFreeStats in our website. Just email the sales receipt at toni at

Plum Tips for Our Product Promotion

Write Articles

Craft a creative article or review about our product and include your affiliate link. Now you post the articles or review on the free article submission sites viz,,,,, etc.

Write Reviews

Post your reviews with your affiliate link on the free blogs created at and you can Ping those blogs on any of the websites like the, for easy tracking by search engines.

Run PPC Campaign

You can create and run PPC campaigns in, Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Yahoo etc. You can pick any ads listed in our PPC Ads section.

Make Posts in Health Forums

Another way you can promote our product is through popular health related forums, and making real-time posts to popular threads. However, before you go further, you edit your signatures by adding your affiliate link. In this manner, anyone who sees or reads your post, would also click on the affiliate link provided in your signature. Get Your Signature Ad Here

Submit Press Release

In the gap of few weeks, you can submit press releases at The press release would include your review and affiliate link. If you pay them $80, they ensure that press release is noticed and tracked by popular search engines out there and this will generate huge amount of traffic.

Email Marketing

You can email to your opt in newsletter subscribers or any other such person(s) who can receive email offers and give a briefing about our website and product, apart from including your affiliate link. You are always welcome to use a portion of text on our website’s homepage in your email.


We don’t give a corner to it. Don’t send your emails to safelists or any other unwanted lists, except your opt in subscribers. Moreover, if you do spamming, there is every possibility to freeze your ClickBank account, host, ISP, besides, suing you for it!

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PLR Articles

You are authorized to post the following articles anywhere along with your affiliate URL.

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You can also get traffic to your website by becoming an author and featuring your work on Interesting Articles.

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Let Us Know If You Need Anything Else

Should you have any queries in your mind related to affiliate marketing or any welcome offers, then you are encouraged to drop us an email at: toni at